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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions are provided below, including general information about the Campaign for UC San Diego and philanthropic giving, making a gift, and technical details about this site.

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Giving to UC San Diego

As a grateful patient, how can I support UC San Diego Health’s success?

Gifts from grateful patients help UC San Diego Health continue bringing healing and hope to communities at home and around the world. Philanthropic giving supports the goal to integrate efforts across our world-class medical center, research, patient care and education to create a healthier world — one life at a time. Gifts to UC San Diego Health support the Campaign for UC San Diego. For more information, please visit Health Sciences Advancement or explore select giving opportunities on the Health and Medicine page.

As a parent or family member of a UC San Diego student, how can I support student success?

Gifts from parents and families help UC San Diego to maximize all students’ potential for academic and post-graduate success. Philanthropic giving supports student scholarships, necessary writing, critical reflection, math and science support programs, as well as experiential, service and hands-on learning opportunities. You can also be involved with the university through volunteering and outreach programs, such as the Parent Leadership Council. For more information, please visit Parent and Family Giving.

Who are the Chancellor’s Associates?

Chancellor’s Associates are UC San Diego’s premier group of donors recognized for their annual leadership gifts to the university. These generous alumni, parents and friends give $2,500 or more each year to be used at the Chancellor’s discretion to fund the university’s greatest needs. For more information, please visit the Chancellor’s Associates website.

What are “planned” gifts?

Planned gifts are gifts in your will or trust, gifts from retirement benefits, and gifts that pay income, among others. Planned gifts may also provide special tax benefits. If you would like to explore this type of gift to UC San Diego, please call (858) 534-2249, or visit the Office of Gift Planning website at www.giftplanning.ucsd.edu.

How can I create an endowment for a UC San Diego school, facility, program or faculty chair?

For more information on creating an endowment, please contact us to discuss opportunities that may fit your goals.

How can I name a UC San Diego school, facility or program?

At UC San Diego, schools, facilities and programs can be named to recognize individuals whose service and support have played a key role in ensuring the continued success of the university as a world-class educational institution. They can also be named through philanthropic gifts to remember and honor loved ones and friends. For more information, please contact us to discuss available opportunities.

What is Crowdsurf?

Crowdsurf is UC San Diego’s philanthropic crowdfunding program. Crowdsurf provides a way for donors to directly support student and campus projects they find compelling and speak to their passion. Crowdsurf donations are processed through the UC San Diego Foundation and are tax-deductible. Another unique feature of Crowdsurf is that projects receive all of the funds they raise via the platform, regardless of whether or not the project achieves its stated goal.

Why should I give to UC San Diego?

Philanthropic contributions are critical to the university’s continued success. Our campus depends on private support so that it can remain an economic and research powerhouse that initiates discovery, drives economic impact, and pursues the greater good.

Making your Gift

Who can I contact for more information about making a gift?

We’re happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Please visit our contact us page so that we can help you get the most relevant information.

How do I make an anonymous gift?

If you would like to make an anonymous gift, you can discuss this option with an Advancement development officer if you have been working with one, or you may contact UC San Diego Gift Processing at onlinegift@ucsd.edu.

How do I set up a monthly recurring credit card deduction?

If you choose to make your gift online, you may opt to set up a monthly charge to the credit/debit card provided by clicking on the button “I’d like to make this gift every month!” during checkout. If you choose to make your gift via a different method, please contact Gift Processing at onlinegift@ucsd.edu to arrange a sustaining gift.

How can I make a gift on behalf of a corporation or foundation?

If you choose to make your gift online, you may check the box labeled “Donation being made on behalf of a company or organization.” If you’d like to discuss more options, the Offices of Corporate and Foundation Relations are here to help you regarding corporate and foundation philanthropic giving. For more information, please contact us.

UC San Diego Office of Corporate Relations

Email: CR@ucsd.edu
Phone: (858) 822-2263

UC San Diego Foundation Relations and Strategic Initiatives

Email: foundationrelations@ucsd.edu
Phone: (858) 822-2626

How can I find out if my employer has a matching gifts program?

Matching gift programs can dramatically increase the impact of your gift to UC San Diego. Many employers offer matching funds that may double or triple any charitable contributions made by their employees. Visit our Employer Matching Gifts Program page to find out more and to see if your employer is a participating company.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

The UC San Diego Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation (Tax ID #95-2872494). Your gift qualifies for tax-deduction in accordance with IRS regulations during the calendar year that you make your gift. You will receive a gift receipt for your files. Consult your tax professional for more information.

Where can I give to support UC San Diego’s greatest needs?

Gifts to The Campaign for UC San Diego Fund provide the university with the flexibility to direct resources towards the most pressing needs across campus, from student inclusivity and faculty recruitment to cross-disciplinary research endeavors.

How do I make a gift in honor of, or as a memorial for, someone?

If you choose to make your gift online, you may opt to dedicate your gift by clicking on the button “My gift is in honor/memory” during checkout. You will also have the option to send a letter on your behalf. If you choose to make your gift via a different method, please contact Gift Processing at onlinegift@ucsd.edu to arrange a dedication.

Can I specify how my contribution is used?

Yes, as the donor you specify how the gift will be used. Whether you choose to support students or faculty, or contribute funds toward academic, research or clinical programs, your donation will support UC San Diego’s continued trailblazing nontradition. You may select from a variety of funds to designate your gift. To explore giving options, select “bring change to” in the top navigation bar or search additional funds at giveto.ucsd.edu.

How do I make a gift?

There are many ways to make your gift to UC San Diego:

  • Online: Give now by credit card, cash gift, pledge or recurring donation through UC San Diego’s convenient and secure online giving website.
  • Payroll Deduction: For UC San Diego faculty and staff, it’s easy to give through payroll deduction. Just go to our online giving website to designate your gift and follow the instructions for payroll deduction.
  • Phone: If you would like to call with your credit card information, contact UC San Diego Gift Processing at (858) 246-1090
  • Mail: To mail in your gift, make your check payable to “UC San Diego Foundation” and mail it to UC San Diego Gift Processing 9500 Gilman Drive #0940 La Jolla, CA 92093-0940
  • Stock: If you would like to make a gift of stock or mutual funds, you can learn more here.
  • Bequest: If you would like to make a gift to UC San Diego through your will, trust or another form of planned gift, please contact the Office of Gift Planning at (858) 534-2249 or visit the Gift Planning website.
    Note: checks for gifts to Regents funds should be made to “UC Regents”

How much should I give?

Your donation, no matter the size, can make a difference in curing disease, developing policies to promote global security, or enriching the student experience of the next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers, artists, scholars and healers. Even small gifts, when pooled together with others’ contributions, can achieve big results.

Where should I give?

The reasons for making a gift are very personal to each donor, and UC San Diego offers a vast array of giving opportunities to meet your personal passions and goals. To explore giving options, select “bring change to” in the top navigation bar. If you would like to support the university’s top priorities and greatest needs, consider making a gift to the Campaign for UC San Diego Fund.

Other questions?

If I make a gift online, what personal information do you save?

In order to process your payment, we ask for limited identifying information. This information helps us to maintain UC San Diego’s gift records database and allows UC San Diego to communicate with you about your gift. UC San Diego does not store your credit card information.

Who can answer questions about my online gift?

Please contact UC San Diego Gift Processing at onlinegift@ucsd.edu

The Campaign for UC San Diego

In addition to making a gift, how else can I support the Campaign for UC San Diego?

There are many ways to show your support and engage with the Campaign for UC San Diego! Explore volunteer opportunities, attend upcoming university events, and keep up-to-date with the latest news through the Giving Impact newsletter.

Who is leading the Campaign for UC San Diego?

UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla is leading the Campaign, with Campaign Co-chairs Kenneth F. Kroner, PhD ’88, and Aryeh B. Bourkoff ’95. The UC San Diego Campaign Cabinet, comprised of alumni and dedicated university supporters, also serves a vital leadership and advisory role. For more information, please visit About the Campaign.

What’s the story behind Continue the nontradition?

With motivated, defiant minds, we proudly seek out unconquered academic frontiers and have the courage to create. Gleefully taking apart the world and putting it back together again, better than it was before. And for 60 years, we’ve embraced the perspective that perpetual optimism and curiosity, when backed by philanthropic visionaries, enables us to do just that. This is our nontradition: a continued, collective effort to transform the student experience, our campus and ultimately, humanity itself. The Campaign for UC San Diego is our ambitious effort to support and continue this extraordinary change — this nontradition.

What is the Campaign for UC San Diego?

At the University of California San Diego, challenging convention is our most cherished tradition. As one of the top 15 research universities in the world, UC San Diego is blazing a path to a better future. Through the Campaign for UC San Diego — our university-wide comprehensive fundraising effort concluding in 2022 — we are enhancing student support, ensuring student success, transforming our campus, connecting our community, and redefining medicine and health care on a global scale. Together with your support, we will continue our nontraditional path toward revolutionary ideas, unexpected answers, lifesaving discoveries, and planet-changing impact. Help us continue the nontradition.