Research and Innovation

We’re bringing together a unique constellation of experts, researchers, scholars and specialists from an array of disciplines to break down the world’s biggest issues.

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Faculty and Graduate Students

Our campus is home to an incredibly talented pool of faculty and graduate students — top scholars who lead labs and classrooms while solving society’s most pressing problems. Their impact is made possible through the support of fellowships, endowed chairs and seed money for new projects from which the next big breakthrough could sprout. Learn about the Chancellor’s Challenge Match

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Research Initiatives

In the future, our most powerful drugs could be harvested from the oceans’ darkest depths. Cars could run on algae, making reliance on fossil fuels a thing of the past. Harmful social practices could be stopped. And the effects of traumatic brain injury could cease to be so devastating. Your support helps us work toward this future.

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Technology and Resources

Developing better teachers and more engaged learners. Supporting programs that transfer technology out of the lab and into the market. Managing the data that allows us to simulate the origins of the universe. Building a global digital library that is accessible to the campus as well as the community. Your gift will have far-reaching impact in these and many other ways.